Participants from the Ethiopia short course: Modern tools for NTD control programmes

Modern tools for NTD control programmes

LASER provide a range of tailored training and teaching programmes to build the capacity of students and in-country stakeholders to implement and evaluation evidence-based and cost-effective NTD control. LASER’s approach is develop training and teaching programmes which provide practical hands on advice and expertise to students so that they able to adopt and implement the latest epidemiological techniques, tools and knowledge.

Modern Tools for NTD Control Programmes

A practical hands-on course to provide training in available epidemiology and NTD mapping tools. This 4 day course is designed to help participants to design, implementation and evaluation of targeted and cost-effective NTD control activities.

Download materials from the 2016 Modern Tools training course held in Ethiopia.

Msc Module Spatial Epidemiology in Public Health

This model introduces students to methods for analysing and predicting spatial patterns of infectious diseases, and to develop a critical appreciation of their application to disease control.

Download Module Brief

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